Allium Green: Gray skies in the garden


Gray skies in the garden

The skies are gray today and it was not-quite raining when I went out to the garden to pick some of the dry beans I've been anticipating all summer. I planted them a little late, so we're pushing it for ripening right now. But they're slowly doing their thing and soon we'll be eating those borlotti, cranberry, and Christmas lima beans.  Here are some garden images from the day including:


the ever-bountiful Swiss chard, 

the sort-of-sad bean plants, lettuce bed, and cover crop in the foreground,


a basket full of the aforementioned beans topped by the last of the eggplant, maturing lettuce in the background

and finally, botlotti beans in the upper right, cranberry beans in the lower left with a couple of Christmas limas thrown in, discarded shells in the background.

Happy Saturday.

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