Allium Green: December light


December light

There's something special about the light on snow. This morning, lying in bed, the light on the ceiling was brighter and softer than it's been lately, reflected off the snow outside. It's the beginning of December and this is the first real snow we've had. It was coming down hard all morning and blowing across the field in little twisters. I worked from home today and I'd nearly forgotten how much I like this.

I kept getting up from my make-shift desk at the dining room table to stand at the window and watch the snow come down. And I even braved the chill wind to take a few photos - and then immediately ran back in hooting and shivering with the cold, stamping snow off my slippers. November did not prepare us for December this year.


So this is my offering today. Light on snow and not much more. I do apologize for the silence recently. It's dark and cold; this is not inspiring. But more to come soon. More to come.


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  1. your snow pictures are so great! wish we had some here.