Allium Green: Much-needed Lemonade


Much-needed Lemonade

It's hot. It's humid. Everything feels damp. We were out today in the full-on afternoon hazy heat and I was not digging it. It was nice to be out of the office, no doubt, but really??? Is this the best we've got this summer? Ugh. On the way home, it rained intensely, briefly, and did nothing to alleviate the muggy heat. And now it's just heavy gray skies that will fade to night with no relief.

So what I want to talk about now is lemonade. The kind that you find in a shop along Main Street, towards the end of the strip. The kind that is made while you wait. In a tiny little candy/ice cream shop in St. Albans. On the way back from a steamy afternoon's walk around a farm field. The kind of shop that serves huge banana splits with lots of whipped cream and the kind that sells Lemonheads, my childhood candy of choice, and penny candy in jars. The kind of lemonade that is packed full with ice and that is tart, crisp, and fresh, as pretty much nothing else has felt today, myself included.

We ordered four of them and slurped them through straws on the way back to Burlington, with the air conditioning on. That feels like summer.

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